Molly - pittie mix - 5 yrs - White Plains, NY

PMAR has this to say about Molly:

This 5 year YOUNG tan pitbull mix loves people, children and other dogs with proper intros. She has had a rough start to life, clearly used to breed, abused and dumped. Yet….all she does is love. She is so appreciative of every little morsel of love & attention she gets and is very quick to return it. In the months I’ve known her she’s been everything from my running partner to fellow couch potato and snuggler, to my friend. During our journey together I watched her blossom from an anxious, beaten down shell of a dog to a smart, funny, interactive, loving, intuitive, well-mannered family member. Her only “flaw” is she needs a cat-free home, which we don’t have. I can only hope that whoever Molly chooses will love her as much as I do.

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(Pssst, she’s also housebroken!)

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